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8 Festivals Celebrating Nature

1. Hanami

Hanami is Japanese traditional festival that celebrates the beauty of flowers (Hanami means flower viewing). Flower, in this case, always means cherry blossom or ume blossoms. The Hanami planners approach very carefully to the organization of the parties all over Japan. They wait for the weather bureau blossom forecast and make the plans according to that, which result with parties wherever cherry blossoms can be found.

2. National Cherry Blossoms Festival

Washington DC celebrates the American version of Hanami festival, commemorating the gift Japanese cherry trees from Tokyo’s mayor in 1912. The gift was an effort for enhancing of the friendship between the tow nations. Although USA and Japan were in war in the meantime, the beautiful tradition of celebrating the nature continued. Among the events of the two weeks festival are the Cherry Blossom 10 miles Run, cherry blossom classes, sushi/sake celebrations an so on.

3. Momijigari

Japanese people obviously enjoy watching the nature in its best light. In autumn they traditionally visit the breathtaking scenes when leaves turn into red. The name of the tradition, Momijigari, derives from words “momiji” which means maple tree or red leaves, and “kari” – hunting. Despite “hunting red leaves,” people on the Oze plain use to visit areas where grasses changes color as well.

4. Bristol Festival of Nature

The Bristol Natural History Consortium organize annual two days long event in June, in Bristol, England, in which people could learn a lot about nature. The real nature lovers can attend lectures, film screenings and tours related to natural history and environment. This festival is organized on a little bit higher level than the rest on the list, due to the traditional conference of scientists, journalists and environmentalists who discuss about the recent environmental issues.

5. Olympic Peninsula Bird Fest

Sequim, Washington is the right place to be in April for every bird lover. The festival lasts three days in which, despite the enjoying of watching birds, participants can take some boat trip, visit the Endangered Waterfowl Breeding Sanctuary or attend nature photography workshop. However, there’s a lot to be seen and a lot to be learnt.

6. Tsukimi

Japanese are quite original in celebrating nature. They have Tsukimi, a festival honoring the autumn moon. The usual activities are enjoying the beauty of the full moon, eating rice dumplings and displaying decorations made of Japanese pampas grass, and, the strangest – offering sweet potatoes, beans and chestnuts to the moon. It’s held on the 15th day of the eighth month and the 13th day of ninth month of the traditional Japanese calendar.

7. Wild Amelia Nature Festival

The traditional annual event is held in May in Amelia Island, Georgia. The three days nature festival started only five years ago, but it already offers the visitors a lot of activities that are great opportunity to become familiar with the biodiversity of the island through nature tours and workshops thought by local professionals. The participants can take in the photo contest, while there is also a kid’s niche.

8. Shetland Nature Festival

The picturesque British island hosts the nature lovers every year in July. Visitors stay there for a week to enjoy the seabird colonies, sit amongst funny Puffins, and watch the Killer Whales while hunting near the coast or lay down amongst British rarest flowers. During the festival week participants can take family days, guided walks and hang out with others on the evening talks.


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