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Coral Reefs: 35 Beautiful Species to Adore

Coral Reefs

Beauties of the Coral
Coral reefs are essential hot spots for flourishing diversity. Gliding rays, agile multi-coloured fish swimmers and scuttling molluscs are just a few examples of the wide range of animals that use these corals as their homes. So why do these blue waters flow with such magnificence? The answer can be found within the ecosystems nutritional cycle – one of the most efficient across the whole animal kingdom.
Many intricate food webs have evolved to hold a whole array of hosts to deliver food to the top-notch predator, whilst maintaining a perfect balance between its members. In order for this food chain to begin, it always starts with a producer – say hello to the coral’s symbiotic algae. This symbiotic alga flourishes amazingly, providing energy to hundreds of Species that hide and ride between the coral.
Here is a collection of 35 beautiful Species found within the vibrant Coral Reefs stretched around the globe, each only being able
1. Clown Triggerfish


2. Mosaic Sea Star


3. Queen Angelfish


4. Winter Anemone


5. Golden Moray Eel

6. Christmas Tree Worm

7. Damselfish – Reticulated Dascyllus

8. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

9. Emperor Angelfish

10. Leaf Lettuce Nudibranch

11. Oriental Sweetlips

12. Weedy Sea Dragon

13. Peacock Wrasse

14. Atlantic Bobtail

15. Bluestripped snapper

16. Red-lined bubble Snail

17. Feather Star

18. Striped Fang blenny

19. Ribbon Eel 

20. Mandarinfish

21. Fire Goby

22. Bluespotted Stingray

23. Common Clownfish

24. Pygmy Sea Horse

25. Mosaic leatherjacket

26. Tubeworms

27. Cuttlefish
28. Yellow Tang

29. Harlequin Ghost Pipefish

30. French Angelfish 

31. Hawksbill Turtle

32. Short-nose Unicorn Fish

33. Caribbean Reef Squid

34. Porcelain Crab

35. Queen Parrot Fish


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