giovedì 9 giugno 2011

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The Inspiring Vibrancy of Leaves

The lives of leaves are truly inspirational. They flourish in many colours from crisp yellows, warming reds to vibrant greens. They are widespread- making sure they are present around every corner of the world, and no matter what country you are in, the variations in shapes, patterns, colours and what surrounds them is a never ending amazement.

Each year during the struggle of the harsher months, trees retrieve their nutrients and water from their leaves, forcing them to crisp, dry up and float to the ground. Some form massive puddles – the perfect playground for children’s wellingtons, some become washed away in streams and others play a fundamental role in plumbing nutrients back into the circle of life. No matter what its course, after detaching its connection from a tree – its reunion is carried out year after year. New leaves unravel, stretch and bask once again in their sun, when it’s their prime time to be alive. No matter what the species of leaf, they are all inspirational, representing the never-ending flow of life, bringing colours to our streets and inspiration to our hearts.
Take a look at this collection of extraordinary leaf photography to see them in their many unique forms…
Some during their golden days, end up on the streets of Rome being moved by the whoosh of busy footsteps.

Others sit so vividly, bursting out of the sand beaches of  California.

They can take the appearance of twsited stars -with a warming virbrant glow.

Most become tainted by the shiver of ice and frost, keeping them locked away in time.

Others hold the challange of being a platform to life.

They are clever with the wonders of wonder – a vitaliaty to their lives.

Peices of leaves can become severed and carried by the legs of soilder insects.

Each evening, most leaves bask in the settling sun.

Some, can even be magically transformed to metal.

Some become caught in spiders web, spending the rest of their time crisping and watching the catches of spiders.

Leaves can form a circuling green family.

Some cloud around lost delights – always taking over what man left behind.

They hold such glorious power of brightening up our streets with colour.

Exploding in numbers, leaves create the perfect masterpeices in nature.

The variations in colours and structure are endless.

They are the kings of Green.

But most importantly – they surround everything with life.


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