mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

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Craziest Guinness World Records

1. The Most High Kicks by a Single Chorus Line

2. The Oldest Wing Walker

3. The Most Nationalities in a Sauna

4. Eye-Popping the Furthest

5. The Most Dogs in Costumed Attire

6. Buried Alive

7. The Largest Samba Dance

8. The World’s Most Pierced Woman

9. The Most Highly Insured Hair

10. The Longest Dog Ears

11. The Biggest Bagel Ever

12. The World’s Largest Shoe in Turkey

13.The Largest Human Rainbow

15. Lowest Limbo Dancer

16. The Most Tattooed Woman in the World

17. The World’s Smallest Cow

18. The Tallest and the Tiniest Dogs in the World

19. The 400-Square-Foot Key Card Hotel

20. The Largest Gathering of Santa’s Elves in One Place

21. The Largest 43 Snails on Face
23 The Largest Gathering of People in Their Underpants

24. World’s Biggest Speed Date Attempt

25. The World’ s Biggest Barbecue

26. The Most People in a Chorus Line

27. The World’s Largest Bouquet

28. The World’s Longest Legs

29. The World’s Largest Coconut Orchestra

32. The World’s Largest Tow Truck Parade

35. The Most Surfers on One Wave

36. 24-Hour Guinness World Tattoo Record

37. Most People Brushing Their Teeth Simultaneously


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