lunedì 11 luglio 2011

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harry potter tee

How to make your  t-shirt Amazing.
To make your shirt beaytiful you will need some thing.
Paper & Pencil
A T-Shirt
Freezer Paper
A sharpie fine point marker
an X-acto Knife
an iron
A piece of cardboard or poster board
fabric paint & Brush

First drawing  the designe with pencil.

2.use marker to make line dark.which you can easily cut.

3:Cut the inner part but don,t throw them.

 cut the inner part neatly

Iron stencil onto your shirt.

Add those inn little shape at correct place.

You need these paint.

Apple paint with brush.

Peel off the stencil and allow the paint dry.

When the paint dry.You acn use
you beautiful t-shirt.z


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